My Mission

Debbie Kates, skiing

Designer Debbie Kates

The mission of Debbie Kates Design is to bring new and wonderful accessories to discerning women who love textiles with a passion, as well as to provide something new and wonderful to athletic women who want easy durable and still beautiful accessories and apparel.

Rich, beautiful, comfortable fabric enhances the quality of life in both deep and subtle ways. It offers a chance for beautiful, visual self expression, to make outward what some of our deepest assumptions about ourselves are, sporty in a way that tips a nod to the generations of women who’ve gone before who dared to put on a unique piece of clothing and set off on an athletic adventure. The fabric that touches the skin must be the softest, most comfortable luxurious fabric to be found anywhere in the world.

Athletic activity empowers women, gives us a mastery over our bodies, will imposed on flesh and bone, the satisfaction found in pushing ones limits. Wearing something beautiful. fashionable, comfortable and unusual while exercising adds a dimension of style and self expression. It bespeaks strong, independent minded women out in the world enjoying life.

It is not to say men and children will be excluded from the mission. Some men also want more stylish and comfortable accessories than are currently offered in the market place. Children are attracted to the utterly soft fabrics and cozy, comfortable fit.

I want to make women feel beautiful, adorned in exceptional fabrics. I want to give women a chance to see and use fabrics that have been combined in interesting ways. Beautiful textiles bring joy.

The mission is to expand the love of beautiful textiles, and raise the standards for comfort and wearability while creating accessories and apparel that could be worn to the opera or out on the trail.

Cycling Skirt