Who made this garment?

Debbie Kates: This business allows me to help support and empower women and families to do the work they choose.

Michèle Ratté. Michèle and I became best friends the day we met. She is my inspirtion and mentor. She is a free-spirited, visionary designer who has figured out how to print her organic and metaphysical designs on the finest velvets in a way that emphasizes their natural luminescence My first designs were created using her velvets, and many of my current pieces are collaborations with her.

Deborah Didier and the women of Viet Nam. Deborah runs an importing business from California. Her mission is to keep alive a 1,000 year-old tradition of thread spinning, weaving and dying natural silks by the women of Southeast Asia. All of my silk designs feature these beautiful, natural treasures made in agricultural villages in the countryside of Viet Nam.

All garments are made here in Massachusetts by self-employed home sewers.

Supporting these kinds of collaborative relationships brings a dimension of heart to my work that nurtures my soul. I feel grateful and fortunate to work with all of these amazing people.

And you, too, are a part of this web of interconnected support. Thank you.

Debbie Kates